Appalled and Embarassed

We do not even know how to describe the nonsense that occurred at last night’s council meeting.  Our law-breaking, unstable mayor is attempting to turn what is a weak-form of mayor into a dictatorship.  He has filed a lawsuit against his fellow council members, the clerk, the township attorney and their law firm.  Last night, in complete disregard of laws, ethics, and conflicts of interest, he attempted to appoint his personal attorney who represented him in the Sexual Harassment Special Investigation as our labor attorney; he attempted to appoint his other personal attorney who filed the lawsuit on his behalf as our township attorney; and he attempted to appoint the auditors that Greenwich just fired as our auditors.  Watch the video below. The council majority was left with no choice but to end the meeting.  We are appalled and embarassed for our township.  Call us at 908-777-0859 or email us at to sign the petition to recall this man before he completely ruins our township, at our expense.

February 3, 2016 Town Council Meeting Video

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