Mayor Wants Taxpayers to Pay His Attorney Fees

Yes, you read that correctly.  McKay is currently suing our council, our clerk and our attorneys.  Just recently, the judge denied his request for a temporary restraining order and has allowed our current attorneys to remain as our attorneys, citing “well-settled” law.

Judge rejects Mayor’s change of attorney

Regardless of that decision, McKay added an item to the February 18, 2016 meeting agenda at the last minute:


February 18, 2016 Meeting Agenda

But that’s not all. When it came time to approve hiring legal counsel for our council and clerk, as is mandated by our Chapter 16 Defense and Indemnification Code, the mayor tried to sneak his item through by saying he wanted to vote on all three items as one.

Not so fast, McKay!  Luckily the council is fully aware that you cannot have the township pay for your legal fees under Chapter 16 if YOU are the one SUING the township!

Chapter 16 of the Township Code

We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.

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