Practical, not Political

If you believe McKay, everyone that is not on his side is evil, sinister, corrupt and part of a grand conspiracy.  This is so untrue, but we know you know that. All of us – your friends and neighbors, the people that coach your children in sports, your PTA volunteers, your Church volunteers – are just fellow residents of Lopatcong, raising our families and working hard at our day jobs to keep the household going, just like you.  Please take a moment to read our recent write up on why the Recall is Practical, not Political.



As expected, McKay has launched a website and Facebook page to support himself. And as expected, it’s filled with innuendos, incorrect assumptions and blatant misinformation.

He states that this recall is to prevent him from doing what he was elected to do, but we are left feeling perplexed.  What was he elected to do? Harass employees? Turn the township into a dictatorship? Ruin the Township’s good name with our creditors and make a disaster of our finance office?  Attempt to steal from the township to pay his legal bills? (The latter of which we are ensuring is properly investigated!)

If he was actually doing what he was elected to do, which is to take care of our town, not destroy it, we would not be having this recall.

It’s plain and simple, and frankly, we are neighbors, friends and family; we are a people helping people community; and we are sick of McKay and his RLL buddies attempting to manipulate the good people of Lopatcong in their quest to rise to power.