Budget Anyone?

Since February, the Mayor has spent so much time trying to convince a Superior Court Judge that he should be in charge of everything that he has ignored some of the things he is actually in charge of – such as the budget. The charter clearly assigns this responsibility to him.

The mayor has boasted about his 2015 budget, achieved through “zero based budgeting.” The fact is the initial budget that he submitted to Council in 2015 had a deficit of approximately $900,000, and the only reason you were not hit with an enormous increase was because it was trimmed down by the Council majority with the help of the auditor.

This year, he issued a directive at the February meeting that all Departments were to submit their departmental budgets within 15 days. He has yet to submit a budget to Council. So either, everyone ignored him, in which case he is not much of a mayor, or he got the figures and didn’t know what to do with them.

He will likely whine that he received no cooperation from Council (he didn’t ask for any) or that he was waiting for input from the finance committee (whose job, by ordinance, is to review the Mayor’s budget prior to submission to Council – not prepare it). He sued to be King when he can’t even fulfill the few duties that the charter actually assigns to him. Maybe he should spend more time on his statutory duties and less time on a baseless and expensive lawsuit.

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