Upcoming Primary Election

Many people who have supported the recall have been asking us whom they should support in the upcoming election.  Many residents are concerned about electing people who will ‘enable’ the mayor to continue to waste our tax dollars on frivolous, meaningless lawsuits, harass the employees to the point of unlawfulness, and wreck havoc on our financial office, to name just a few issues.

We, the recall committee, support the Republican ticket of Caughy and Wright, and the Democratic ticket of McCabe and Murphy.  They are knowledgeable, experienced, and think for themselves.  They will do what is right for us and our township.  

We agree with you – enabling the mayor is NOT the way to go.  We must elect people who will uphold our laws and stay faithful to their oath.  The mayor must do the same, and it is time he realizes that. We cannot elect people who will enable him to do the financially devastating actions he wishes to continue to do.  Doing so will only hurt us all – in our wallets.

Vote Caughy and Wright if Republican – Vote McCabe and Murphy if Democrat


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