Update on Recall

On May 26, the Recall Committee submitted the 1264 signatures it was able to collect over the past 6 months.  We were notified today that the Recall Committee was unable to secure enough signatures for the recall question to make the ballot.  We regret that we failed all of you who supported the effort, but thank you for your support.

Regarding the last 160 days, it is important to note that a candidate for Lopatcong Mayor needs only 50 petition signatures to run for office. What that demonstrates is that almost anyone can run for Mayor. What Tom McKay’s election demonstrated is that you don’t have to be competent, ethical or of good morale character to get elected. But what the Recall demonstrated is that more than half of the roughly 2000 people who voted in the 2014 mayoral election, don’t want him in office.  In less than 18 months, Tom McKay has rendered himself unelectable.

Regardless of the outcome, let’s be clear, there were no winners in this process. That Tom McKay’s behavior led even one Lopatcong voter to believe that a recall was necessary or appropriate is ultimately a reflection on his failed leadership and the negative impact his tenure has had on our Community.  That former Council members like Donna Schneider would likewise use the recall platform to resort to the the petty name-calling and flagrant misrepresentations that characterized her brief tenure on Council demonstrates ultimately that until people like  McKay, Schneider, Leifer, Johnson and the entire RLL team are ousted or outed, Lopatcong will remain dysfunctional.

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