As expected, McKay has launched a website and Facebook page to support himself. And as expected, it’s filled with innuendos, incorrect assumptions and blatant misinformation.

He states that this recall is to prevent him from doing what he was elected to do, but we are left feeling perplexed.  What was he elected to do? Harass employees? Turn the township into a dictatorship? Ruin the Township’s good name with our creditors and make a disaster of our finance office?  Attempt to steal from the township to pay his legal bills? (The latter of which we are ensuring is properly investigated!)

If he was actually doing what he was elected to do, which is to take care of our town, not destroy it, we would not be having this recall.

It’s plain and simple, and frankly, we are neighbors, friends and family; we are a people helping people community; and we are sick of McKay and his RLL buddies attempting to manipulate the good people of Lopatcong in their quest to rise to power.



Mayor Wants Taxpayers to Pay His Attorney Fees – Part Two

Recently in the mail, you received some literature from us.  One piece was an email from the township administrator on behalf of the staff to the township attorneys and Council President, stating that the mayor was now trying to harass the CFO into paying his lawyer’s bill, even after he was denied by the Council.  The Council denied his request because they are not legally allowed to do so, as per our Defense and Indemnification Ordinance.  Nor should they, as the lawsuit was a complete waste of time and money.

But apparently the mayor doesn’t let the law stop him, does he?  In his conversation with the CFO, he muttered many inappropriate comments such as telling her to put his bill in the system to pay regardless of the fact that it is was not approved and he also stated that the council will never know it was paid.  Many of you have expressed to us how deeply troubling you find these comments and actions of his to be, and we agree.  We will be looking into this matter further and will keep you posted on how we can deal with this situation.

In the meantime, we will continue to come directly to you to obtain your signature, just contact us by phone or email anytime.

Thank you for your continued support!

Court rules that Lopatcong Mayor is NOT a King

Today the Superior Court dismissed Mayor McKay’s frivolous lawsuit against the Township Council, Clerk and several appointees. In holding that McKay “is the Mayor.  Not the King,” (page 41), the Court concluded that “the Mayor sees his authority akin to that of the President of the United States or the Governor of New Jersey” when in reality “both the Council and the Mayor govern the Township jointly.” (page 45).  Additionally the Court stated that the “Plaintiff effectively interprets his power and NJSA 40:69A-121 to provide him with dictatorial power.” (page 41). While the Township struggles to pay basic monthly expenses, Lopatcong taxpayers were forced to foot the bill today for no fewer than three different law firms so the Mayor could feed his ego and play politics with your tax dollars.

While the Court’s March 11, 2016 Order is 49 pages long, the Court’s actual reasons for denying all of the Mayor’s requested relief do not appear until page 32. Among the Court’s more poignant observations, the Court “does recognize that the Mayor holds executive authority pursuant to NJSA 40:69a-121. The Court is concerned that the Mayor misconceives the breadth of that authority, however. The concern, of course, is that the Mayor will use this Court’s simple and uneventful declaration that NJSA 40:69a-121 is valid, to support an unauthorized power grab. With regards to the Mayor’s request for the Court to recognize NJSA 40:69a-121 provides the Mayor with executive power, of course it does. But that authority does not grant the Mayor the right or power to govern the Township by his own whim or by fiat and without the Council.” (page 45).

Similarly, the Court refused to endorse the Mayor’s continued abuse of the same Municipal Clerk he was found to have sexually harassed. (pages 46-48).

On the issue of municipal finance, the Court also rejected the Mayor’s dictatorial attempts to circumvent State law and the Council’s authority. On that final issue the Court found that “the Mayor is not free to use his financial authority to withhold the payment of duly-authorized expenditures of the Township [to people he doesn’t like or with whom he doesn’t agree], where the issuance of authorized payments is a ministerial duty.” (page 49, note 16). And finally, as to the municipal budgeting process, “given the apparent conflict between [the Mayor and Council], it could be said that the Council’s anticipation that it may also have to prepare its own budget is a prudent step.”  (page 49, note 17).

The entire, 49 page decision is available here: Lopatcong-McKay Order 3/11/2016.

This frivolous lawsuit was a complete waste of money.  Join the Recall effort now and put an end to the Mayor’s endless abuse of his office, Township employees, and your hard earned tax dollars.


Update on the high school intersection temporary bonding issue


We can thank many people for getting the first reading of the temporary bonding ordinance completed.  The mayor is not one of them, however.

Thank you to Council President Pryor and the Council majority for pushing forward on the temporary bonding ordinance.  As Council President Pryor mentioned during the meeting of 2/18/2016 several times, we are the project leaders and this item is a critical path item.  And, this ordinance does not commit Lopatcong to actually borrow money without assurances that all funding sources are in place.

Thank you to Engineer Sterbenz for his presentation to council, which gave supporting facts to Council President’s Pryor assertion that this is a critical path item.  If construction starts in April, the intersection should be complete by mid-August.  It’s already a very tight timeline.  We do not have the luxury of playing politics or neglecting to do our duty to protect the residents, especially the hundreds of teen-aged drivers, who will be passing through that intersection.

Thank you to Attorney Campbell for attempting to explain to McKay why Phillipsburg did not send their $100,000 check to us yet.  Under the agreement, which McKay signed, it states that the land acquisition costs for Phillipsburg are to be paid out of that initial $100,000 sum.  Phillipsburg estimates those costs will total around $40,000 to $50,000.  In a perfect world, Phillipsburg could have given Lopatcong the $100,000 and had Lopatcong deal with the real estate transactions for Phillipsburg, but they are choosing to handle it themselves.  With the way Lopatcong is being managed by McKay, we certainly cannot argue with them on that!

Mayor Ellis has also explained this matter in his recent Express Times article:

Phillipsburg says it’s good on money for new school’s road project

It is clear that McKay does not understand the inter-local agreement that he signed or any of the moving parts of this project.   

You deserve a better leader than that, Lopatcong.

Mayor Wants Taxpayers to Pay His Attorney Fees

Yes, you read that correctly.  McKay is currently suing our council, our clerk and our attorneys.  Just recently, the judge denied his request for a temporary restraining order and has allowed our current attorneys to remain as our attorneys, citing “well-settled” law.

Judge rejects Mayor’s change of attorney

Regardless of that decision, McKay added an item to the February 18, 2016 meeting agenda at the last minute:


February 18, 2016 Meeting Agenda

But that’s not all. When it came time to approve hiring legal counsel for our council and clerk, as is mandated by our Chapter 16 Defense and Indemnification Code, the mayor tried to sneak his item through by saying he wanted to vote on all three items as one.

Not so fast, McKay!  Luckily the council is fully aware that you cannot have the township pay for your legal fees under Chapter 16 if YOU are the one SUING the township!

Chapter 16 of the Township Code

We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried.