Petition Statement

Since taking office in January 2015, Mayor Thomas McKay has through his actions and inaction, statements and misstatements, allegations, personal attacks, dilatory tactics and dictatorial personality; eroded the Township’s confidence in the Mayor’s office: sexually harassed at least one Township employee and one volunteer; exposed the Township and taxpayers to unnecessary legal and financial  liabilities; marginalized the Mayor’s office rendering it ineffective and powerless to interact with certain Township employees and volunteers: unlawfully infringed on the rights of certain citizens; used the power of his office to advance personal agendas; impugned the reputation of certain of the Township’s employees, volunteers and council members and generally failed and refused to fully, faithfully and impartially attend to the duties of his office.  Therefore, this Committee proposes to recall Thomas McKay as permitted by and in accordance with N.J.S.,A 19:27A-1. The recall committee has requested that this recall election be held at a special election. Estimated cost: $20,632.24

Here is a copy of the recall petition, so that you may read it beforehand.