Practical Not Political

In his response to the recall, McKay states that the recall is a politically motivated attack, part of a political game and an insult to those that voted for him. This could not be further from the truth. The Recall was started in response to the cries of many residents, including some of his former supporters.  After seeing how much damage he could do in less than one year, they were not willing to take a chance on leaving McKay in office for the remainder of his term.  The recall was motivated by practical necessity, not politics.

In so much that we have the right to elect our officials, we also have the right to “un-elect” them through the recall process that is provided to us by the NJ State Constitution.  In order to recall an elected official, we need to obtain signatures equal to the amount of at least 25% of the registered voters as of the last general election.  Ironically, in our case, that means we will have to obtain an amount of signatures that is significantly greater than the amount of votes he received when elected.   The process is fair and balanced toward the incumbent and challenging for the recall committee – so much so that it is rarely undertaken and only in serious situations.

We did not enter into this recall lightly.  After learning many residents wanted a recall, we diligently weighed the pros and cons of doing one and took a long hard look at McKay’s actions and inactions to date.  The decision was an overwhelming YES to move forward.  Our township is small hamlet nestled in the rural county of Warren and we cannot fiscally afford to have this man at the helm of our government.

McKay can make all the convoluted statements he wants, but it will not change the truth.  Since taking his oath in January of 2015, he has violated it more than he has upheld it.

  • First and foremost, his inexperience, ineptness and obstinacy have cost Lopatcong taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, law suits, late fees, surcharges and lost opportunities, and we are only in year two of his term!  The recall is an expression of its signatories unwillingness to waste any more money on a bad mayoral investment.
  • His knowledge of the municipal charter, the township code, general municipal law and parliamentary procedure is pathetic.  The Court characterized contentions in his recent lawsuit as “contrary to well-established law” and the manner in which he presides over council meetings is laughable.   Lopatcong-McKay Order 3/11/2016
  • His judgment and conduct are questionable.  Did he really think it was proper to order our CFO to pay his legal bills after they were found contrary to the municipal code by the Township attorney and rejected by the Township Council?  He tried to appoint his own personal attorney regardless of the obvious personal conflict.   And then, to top it all off, he sued his own council in a delusional power-grab, a move that was completely unsuccessful, at our financial expense.
  • His evaluation of township consultants is uninformed, vengeful and possibly illegal.  On several occasions, he has threatened to withhold their appointments unless they pledge not to contribute to his opponents. 
  • His lack of understanding of municipal boards and his failure to recruit qualified volunteers is problematic.  For example, the rent control board, which functioned flawlessly for years, is now dysfunctional due to his failure to make proper appointments.  He actually proposed swearing in a new member (who resigned without ever attending a meeting) over the phone from Florida.
  • His attitude towards his council members, those that were also elected to their seats by earning a majority of votes, is disrespectful and antagonistic, and often misogynistic and abusive.  When not harassing his council, he has spent his time finding ways to turn our democracy into a dictatorship.

After each failure, he proclaims himself a victim and blames others.  He has not put forth one meaningful proposal during his 15 months in office.

His principal self-proclaimed accomplishment – his so-called ‘small tax increase’ – was not the result of his new budgeting method, but rather the diligent work on the part of the council majority and our auditors to whittle down a $900,000 deficit that his new budgeting method actually produced.

The Recall is not political.  It is practical. We are doing this to save our township from chaotic government, fiscal irresponsibility and unwanted and excessive legal and settlement fees.  We cannot allow an out-of-control elected official to foolishly squander our reputation and hard-earned tax dollars on fatal endeavors.  The Recall process is our constitutional privilege that we are using to protect our township from such “Tom-foolery”.

Simply put, we cannot afford to have him as our mayor.