Why Recall?

Why Recall? Here’s a look back at Tom McKay’s first 14 months in office:

1. In a sexual harassment special investigation by former NJ Deputy Attorney General Lee Vartan, Tom McKay was found to have sexually harassed the Township clerk and a rent leveling board volunteer by describing  them as lesbians and calling them “man-haters”. McKay never apologized to either woman, but rather blames his actions on his political opponents. The investigation costs Lopatcong taxpayers more than $10,000 and the council must censure the mayor. CensureResolution
2. Tom McKay is served with a Tort Claims notice of intent to sue subjecting the Township and its taxpayers to substantial liability for his sexual harassment behavior.
3. Tom McKay gavels Councilwoman Maureen McCabe in a public meeting and yells at her to “shut up.” Again, he refuses to take responsibility for losing his temper.
4.  Tom McKay publicly posts his personal “10 Commandments” for behavior at public meetings, but when a resident posts beside it her 10 criticisms of his public demeanor, he has them removed. The town receives legal notice from the resident’s lawyer that the Mayor violated her First Amendment rights. 
5. Tom McKay secretly secured access to the Township’s security cameras without the knowledge or consent of the Council. He also accepted those services as a gift from a Township vendor in violation of his terms of office.
6. Lopatcong Township loses its credit status with many of its vendors due to the Mayor’s refusal to pay bills on time. Many vendors take a “payment in advance” policy with the Township.
7. Tom McKay refused to consider the request led by Councilwoman Ciesla to refinance to Township’s debt obligation, for spite not business, and COST Lopatcong taxpayers $200,000.
8. Tom McKay’s politically motivated banking decisions COST Lopatcong $20,000 in lost revenues.
9. Tom McKay offered to trade his vote to reappoint the Township’s attorney and engineer for promises that they will not contribute to his opponents’ political campaign. 
10. Tom McKay replaces a long time member of the Township Planning Board with a non-US citizen political ally who, at public meetings, refuses to Pledge Allegiance to the US Flag.
11. Tom McKay attempts to appoint his personal sexual harassment defense lawyer as the Township’s new labor lawyer. When the Council objects, he sues them. 
12. Tom McKay attempts to appoint his personal attorney as the Township’s new general attorney. When the Council objects, he sues them.
13. At the February 3, 2016 meeting, Tom McKay declares that he no longer acknowledges the Township Council’s authority and unilaterally takes impermissible control of the Township’s government. 
14. The Mayor’s actions and inactions have cost Lopatcong taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and lost revenues and will result in hundreds of thousands more in lawsuits, lost revenues and legal judgments. We cannot afford his bad faith, bad judgment, bad temper or discriminatory views.